Monday, December 3, 2012

Malcolm Mason - Auctioneer | Provides Auction, Auctioneer & Appraisal Services

Malcolm Mason auctioneer providing Auction & Appraisal Services. Florida Auctioneer Malcolm Mason specializes in the Acquisition, Marketing & Auction of Fine Art & Collectibles.

Malcolm is also a licensed Florida Real Estate Sales Agent and Graduate Personal Property Appraiser. Malcolm has been involved in the Auction Business since the 1990's and has worked full-time in Auction Business for the past 10 year.
A native if Pawling, New York, Malcolm now lives with his family in Tallahassee, Florida. Malcolm is a graduate of Florida State University, with a degree in Finance. Prior to moving to Florida, Malcolm spent time in mid-1990's in San Diego, California where he was an Electronic Warfare Technician in the Unites States Navy - stationed on-board the USS Milius (DDG-69)

During his time in the auction business, Malcolm has handled a variety of extremely interesting and historically significant collectibles, but his most favorite item would most likely have to be the Elvis Presley Diamond Ring. Gifted to the consignor, Mr. Lloyd Perry, by Elvis Presley during his concert in Asheville, NC. On July 24th, 1975. Malcolm really enjoyed getting to know Mr. Perry, learning the story surrounding this ring and knowing how much the sale of this ring meant to the consignor. The marketing and sale of the Elvis Concert Gift Ring was a great overall auction experience and very successful ~ Fetching a record $124,000+ on the auction block.

Being an auctioneer and in the auction business means each day is different and no two days are alike - This is what Malcolm likes most. Each day brings with it traveling to new places, meeting new people, understanding the specifics of each individual customer's need - and then creating a winning strategy to meet the needs of individual consignors. The auction business is always fresh and exciting.